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I’m too curious to stop now I’ve been a big fan of the Dark Light series since reading book 1 and waited anxiously for the release of this book.

Emily Casts Dark Light (The Dark Light Series #1) by S.L. Jennings

She felt alone and couldn’t turn to her friends about her dark secret. So Gabriella finds out her otherworldly heritage and she will forever be 21?

So going back to Gab and Niko, like I wrote, instead of thinking of Dorian, she fantasizing about hottie Niko. I will not be afraid. Ate it right up despite my occasional eye-rolls. Cue Dorian, wealthy, laid back, drop dead gorgeous. Not just a piece of someone’s heart, body, and soul Coherent thoughts have left the building.

The events in this book are horrible and the paltry excuse for an ending just made it worse because the author was clearly trying to make up for the horrid events that took place beforehand.

But it has never been done before.

So why after twenty years of utter obscurity do her adopted parents hit her with the ton of bricks that is her true identity? Mar 04, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m glad to say that in The Dark Prince she grows up and really finds herself.


I want them to be happy somehow. It has the wonderful ability to go from serious to comedic to painfully heartbreaking all in a few short sentences. I went from laughing at the silliness to crying with heartache to dropping my phone on the floor in shock, to wanting to throw it across the room in anger to being turned on at the erotic moments. Highly recommend this series!

The Dark Prince (Dark Light, #2) by S.L. Jennings

Can not wait for the third!! I do hope she grows up and at the end, the end of the story is truly awesome, but for now good luck to others who read this.

She feels she is not good enough and tragically waits for the other shoe to drop. You will need to fan yourself several times through this book I’ll warn you now! No need for a discussion about what he did or didn’t do with Aurora, who got hers in the end, by the way.

View all 3 comments. I can only assume that one of her new magical gifts is a steel vagina and an endless capacity for orgasms! And I am in love with you. Hearts and broken, tears are shed and lives are changed forever.

What I felt I wasn’t getting from Dorian in the personality department, Niko totally fulfilled. Morgan and the rest of her posse are back – oh and yes Aurora is back – and yes her bitchy pants are still on waaaay too tight!! Feeling love for him!!! That’s what was most disappointing of all.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Stupidity would be forgivable. So when we find it, we don’t take it lightly. I can’t do that if I keep hoping you’ll turn up. Nonetheless, with her twentieth birthday comes truth. But I will try because my heart demands it.

All of these notions are leaving you heaving and panting and gasping for air, praying for them the make the right decision, your heart breaks for them both, you are angry and pissed and frustrated s.l.jennins you want to break it, break them to see beyond the fucking magic Gabriella She came off as whiny and stupid. My emotions s.l.jenninge through the roof! It reminded me why I love this niche in the genre.

Book Review – Dark Light by S.L. Jennings – Maryse’s Book Blog

Unlike the earlier books in the series, I found myself being a little less forgiving of Dorian. The dafk terminology was lignt. I’ve been spoiled because I got to read both of the Dark Light books back to back in the same week, but now that I have to actually wait for the 3rd book I’m thinking I’m going to go a little crazy. Lists with This Book. Gabriella and Dorians love for each other was tested time and time again.